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Stupid Library...

My book are over due :(. Balls to the library, I owe them like five bucks now. That's my five bucks you assholes! LOL. I'm amusing myself.

So my weekend was ok, I was way out in bumfuck, westfield WI. to be exact. I got to shoot guns and stuff, THAT was really cool and to my surprise, I'm a pretty good shot. My brother and his friend are crazy, they kept poking the bee nests and shit. I pet a giant fuzzy bumble bee, he was so cute and fat. The fuzziest bee I have ever seen, they are actually very soft - I wanted to sqeeze him, but I did'nt 'cause he would have bitten me probly.

I saw this movie called "The Bumble Bee Flies Anyway" it was so goddamn sad, it really depressed me a whole lot, it really was not the movie to watch before you go to bed. It was about kids who were dying of terminal illness, it made me thankful that I am alive, but also sad because others are dying every minute of terminal illenss all over the world. I did'nt want to think about that as I tried to fall asleep, so I got up and tried to catch the huge moth that was flying around the light in my room.

So I think Carrie will move out November 1st. if we can plan it that way, it will be better for her and Nicky because they really need to save some cash. Carrie was driving Nicky's car on 94 and she was stopped because of his expired plates, she got a big fat $180.00 ticket. I saw it posted on our message board in the kitchen this morning. I am going to feel bad when I have to ask her for her half of the gas bill for this month.

Everybody had been having cash problems lately, I don't know where the bill for my engine is, I still did'nt get it, nor did I get my emergency room bill from St. Joseph's. Oh well, they can wait as long as they want to get it to me. I ate cookies for breakfast, and my belly hurts.

I went to Jose's house when I got home yesterday and stayed over until he had to go to work. I think I made him late.. heh heh.

Tomarrow it's margarita time at Chi-Chi's and I am for sure going this time 'cause I aint got nothin' else goin' on.
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