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Yup three birthdays to celebrate today :). I hope all of you are at peace on this day that marks the beginning of your existance.

Last night rocked ass....Jose came over and we had some lovin' fests goin' on. Yeaaap yeap, lovin' fests.

Tonight I am still going to movie night, Jeffy and I were thinking about seeing either Terminator three or that Italian one. I don't care either way, but first I gotta go to an appt. at UWM with my advisor at 3:30, then I will head over to jeffy's right away.

I am helping our housekeepers today doing some window washing at our Gaslight building down the street. I actually had fun doing that, 'cause you can goof around and shit and not worry about how you talk because you're not in an office. A nice change I think. We have a little show this Thursday and that's why they need extra help with cleaning, which I don't mind really.

I went down to the buisiness office and saw a bowl of apples sitting out for all to take. Of course, I took like four of the ten that were there, I think I am gonna grab more later :). I LOOOOVE apples. I took all the good ones too, the big ones and the reddest ones. ALL FOR ME.


Yeay! I think Saralicious will be with us tonight, and of course, my Jeffy.
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