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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
So I was looking for these turkeys...

And they were just no where to be found. Yes, turkeys. Up north at my uncles cabin, there are turkeys living amongst other various wild birds and animals. I wanted to see a turkey so I took some of the turkey calls and my brother, his freind Dustin and I all tried to call turkeys. I wanted to have one for a pet, and they both wanted to kill it and have it for dinner. Well, I decided that maybe it would not be a good idea if I had captured a turkey because the boys would have probly gotten a hold of it and ate it or something.

And I would be out a pet.

Damn it.

Emotion: rushedrushed
I grew up

in way northern WI. I've seen very very few wild turkeys. 3 or 4 my whole life. They are there, but not many of 'em. where abouts were you?

Re: I grew up

I was in Westfield WI :)


I thought you said "NORTHERN" Wisconsin. I grew up in Ashland ... take a look at where that is by comparison


Re: geez

Well, I did'nt mean REALLY north, but NW. Wow, you really WERE up there! how did you end up way down south of us?

Yeah, I was up there

I get a charge out of the people in Chicago who complain about snow ... they don't know what a real snow storm is. But that's another story.

So far every move I've made (execpt this very last disaster) has been to a larger city (from Ashland to Eau Claire to Minneapolis to Chicago then to here). No specific plan along those lines, so I guess I really have no excuse. Perhaps I should move farther north ...

i once had a pet chicken....

i named him herman....

he was cute as hell, caught him myself in my aunts lilac bush.

then sent him to my pen pals farm. (same city) and he lived his days out as a pimp....


LOL!!! Pimpin' chicken....that is so fucking awesome!!