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A night of goodness...

Last night was fun, I had my Sara and my Jeffy and everyone's favorite DJ...Pat :). I think it would be funny if he changed his DJ name to Phat Pat, ha ha LOL that would be cute. We all ate beans and cheese with our chips and salsa and Jeffy beat me up as I treid to eat my fried ice cream, which I have never had before in my life!!! it was so awesome, sweet honey goodness, it was like eating heaven. I know I will have more of it in the future.

After that we saw T3, it was so gay.......there was alot of fighting and fluffy effects and machines. I don't need fluff. It was one of those mainstream movies that you never would care if you ever saw again if you even remembered it existed. The only thing I enjoyed about it was the element of suspense it had, but that was about it.

After the movie we went home and in the car Sara, Pat and I had the most hilarious conversation about ghetto food stores like Aldi's and Lena's and how I would never go there unless I was dirt-ass poor and living on people's couches. It was just damn funny.

Thanks for the carmels apple Sara, it was carmely.

Going to club tonight, for sure this time. I need gas first though.....some car food.

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