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One more day...

Then it will be after work I go to the DMV to register Lincoln with my mom. I don't know why she insists on going with buuuut oh well, she probly will take me out for dinner after.

Jose was over last night, he brought this cool Ani dvd with and a Led Zepplin one, they were both really good dvd's, alot of live show footage and shit and interviews. I love interviews.
We had roast beef and egg salad for dinner and my baby was a coffee bean again. I always call him my coffee bean, because he HAS to have coffee once a day. He actually did the math of how much it costs him every month and the answer came out to $40 worth of coffee. Now that is a big bill. And he goes to the most expensive place to get it, Starbucks of course. I'm sure somewhere there is cheaper coffee that's just as good. I think Starbucks is a rip off, I have had many a drink that could out do that place for a lot less money.

Last night club was actually pretty good, there were so many goddamn people there! like everyone. Even Talleah was there and Tyler, whom I have not seen up in there for awhile. It was hard to keep up with all the people I wanted to talk to. And since people keep asking me where Jose is, he works third shift so that's why ya never see him on Wednesdays.

Man, I gotta sort out all these keys now, and put them in the key home.
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