Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

Where the hell is everybody? except for Brittany and Erin like no one else is posting like Alli and Mike, you big slutz! just as I thought...gettin' it on instead of posting! (Big shocker there) J/k love you guys. I know Mike has a wedding Alli, but are you going tomarrow? oh yeah, you are working....right? hmmmm, I think I will call you. So I am getting a hold of Scott today, that sexy S.O.B. :), we should be going to this drinking party tonight after he gets out of work. Heh...I am so glad I do not work on weekends. Next semester though, I will, but only on Sundays so that is fine I guess. It's the only way I can afford to live at my house and pay the bills with five classes hanging over my head. I have to do this mandatory community service thing...what the hell? since when is it mandatory to serve the city if you are an art student...damn, well maybe I can find someone who will give me a space in thier gallery, that is the only way I will be happy with taking this class.
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