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I HATE my boss today.....he has been the worlds biggest asshole lately. I had to clean carpets today WTF? I never clean carpets, I am an OFFICE MANAGER. I do paper work and shit.

I am looking for another job at the moment, specifically in the field of insurance, I loved working with insurance when I was in high school and I made phatter cash than I do here, plus I got an annual christmas bonus of $100.00 every year! god I miss that job. Too bad I was on a short contract that only lasted two years, next time, no contracts for me.

I will be at the [Am.Psych] show this Friday with Jose, he wants to see them too. And I should call my Sara sometime this weekend, I think we should do something cultural, like go to a museum or something. Money is the only problem right now with doing shit on weekends, ya know, eating out and what not. It gets pricey.

Yesterday I had fun, I went straight to Jeffy's from work and he made a really good dinner for us, noodles and mashed potatoes - starchy, but good. Then, Lynnie came over and we three went to Chi-CHi's so they could get their drink on, then we went to Jeffy's and watched a little DVD about the Gorilla's. It was interesting and colorful to see how they animated all that, I think the artist that did that stuff is REALLY good. I was impressed.

Well, I am going to go home to eat and then go to Jose's house and.....well, you know the rest :).
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