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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

I HATE my boss today.....he has been the worlds biggest asshole lately. I had to clean carpets today WTF? I never clean carpets, I am an OFFICE MANAGER. I do paper work and shit.

I am looking for another job at the moment, specifically in the field of insurance, I loved working with insurance when I was in high school and I made phatter cash than I do here, plus I got an annual christmas bonus of $100.00 every year! god I miss that job. Too bad I was on a short contract that only lasted two years, next time, no contracts for me.

I will be at the [Am.Psych] show this Friday with Jose, he wants to see them too. And I should call my Sara sometime this weekend, I think we should do something cultural, like go to a museum or something. Money is the only problem right now with doing shit on weekends, ya know, eating out and what not. It gets pricey.

Yesterday I had fun, I went straight to Jeffy's from work and he made a really good dinner for us, noodles and mashed potatoes - starchy, but good. Then, Lynnie came over and we three went to Chi-CHi's so they could get their drink on, then we went to Jeffy's and watched a little DVD about the Gorilla's. It was interesting and colorful to see how they animated all that, I think the artist that did that stuff is REALLY good. I was impressed.

Well, I am going to go home to eat and then go to Jose's house and.....well, you know the rest :).

Emotion: bitchybitchy

Well, we'll be out Friday night...Pat has to be there to work, I can't really even remember what it is exactly he is supposed to be doing there since he's not djing... anyway.

Unfortunately since I took Friday off, and didn't request in time I'm working Saturday & Sunday. BUT if you'd like to make plans for next week Saturday that would be grand....

Just so you know, it looks like we'll be doing Great America on the 25th of Oct and Old World on the 26th. If yer interested. I also need to know if you still want to go to Manson cause I'm really really buying tickets Friday, drop me a note. Plus talked to TJ about possibly going to someplace near Madtown for a haunted house, I'll let you know what day that'll be soon.

Re: Awwww

Well, I'm not going to Manson aymore, there's just no way I can swing it financially, and I don't like roller coasters, nor can I afford a ticket for Great America, so that's out too, but I can do the Old World WI. thing, that would be really cool :). The haunted house sound fun, I will definatly go to that, I just need the info about cost and stuff.

Re: Awwww

K, I'll try to ask TJ about the HH, and I need to find out about the Pabst Mansion one too, cause that's the one I really want to go to. Perhaps as a substitute to our usual Tuesday night thang one week, I know it obviously depends on what days it's open.

There is nothing... - (Anonymous)
Re: Christmas bonuses

My old job still gives those out!! I wish I could go back there, but it's way too far. No one down here will ever give them out I think :(.

Yeah, cleaning is a bitch, but I guess I'll have to roll with it for cash right now, but in the meantime I think finding a new job will be fun :).

How can I get a job in insurance?

Well, I would suggest calling places like Northwestern Mutual or Blue Cross Blue Shield and ask for their human resources dept. they will tell you if there are any openings or not or they will tell you to come in and fill out an application.

You can also look online and fill out appl. that way too, for some places it's faster that way if it's a real big company.

Smaller places like WPS or Wisconsin Insurance will be easier to get a response from because they are not as busy, but it's all up to you and what you would like to do so call around and just go from there :).