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So this Bush guy is in town....

Yeah, he's pretty close actually.....down the road a little bit. My boss has the radio on tuned to him babbling about tax bullshit...whatever. Mike (my boss) likes Bush I guess.

I am very hungry and if there were someone in the office right now - I would eat them.

I can't wait for all this stuff to happen this October, I love Holloween parties.... I wonder if someone will have one this year, not counting club's annual holloween thing, which I don't know if I will go to now because Jose might be doing a show that day and I want to see him play. He was asked to participate in a tribute to the Dead Boys, some punk band from the 80's. Eventhough I don't like Punk music, I will go to see him play. He might not do it though, but if he does I will be there. Otherwise club sounds good unless someone else has a better party planned.

I think Sara should have a holloween party :). Hint Hint.

What a crappy day, I hate this pussy rain and I wish they would get the damn president out of here, he makes me nervous. Why's he always gotta get all up in our grill anyway, why does he like Milwaukee so much? well, whatever the reason I say back to the whitehouse with ya.

Doin' some bills right now, tonight I will be at the show, does anyone know the cost??

Tell me or I eat you.
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