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Weekend Post..

Friday: I went home after work and Carrie and I chilled at home for awhile, Nicky was'nt able to give Carrie a ride to club so I told her that Jose and I would let her ride with us so we waited 'till like 9:30 and went outside to wait for him. It was funny, when Carrie got in the car Jose was like " Please don't let the baby go" I was laughing my ass off and Carrie was like "Oh you wait....when I have it, I'm gonna bring ya some of those pregnancy juices and spill it all over your car". LOL eeeeww. Then, when we got to the time machine, Jose had to put Carrie card in and do everything because there was no window in the back for her to use. When the screen said "English or Spanish" Jose accidentally pressed the Spanish button, and we did'nt know how to get it back to english so we were all trying to decifer what the hell the damn screen said, it's a good thing Carrie knows what it says by heart 'cause other wise we would have been shit out of luck. We were all laughing, trying to make sure that we pressed the right buttons. Heh, at least numbers are universal, well, for the most part.

I met lots of new people this weekend, I met this chick named Maya and her boyfriend, who looks alot like Marilyn Manson I forgot his name tho. They came to club a little after the show was over. I had pretty good conversation with them, Maya is really nice and very curious, she knew I was irish right away. Well, she studies geneology so her guess is better then anyone elses. I was surprised when she said she could not see any mexican in me tho, most people see that easier than the irish.

Saturday: Jose and I got up very late, like 3 and shit. We lazed around and by about 6 we left for Wauwatosa to meet up with his friends Gretchen and Tom to watch the Toney/Holyfield fight on PPV. I had a really good time, that house was HUGE and gorgeous, they even gave us apple pie and ice cream and it was sooo good that I was tempted to go and buy a whole apple pie at the store :). There was an element of comfort in that house, I did'nt want to leave, it had this "Homey" family feeling to it that I have not felt in a long time. It was really cozy.

Sunday was a totally lazy day, we did'nt even wake up until 1:30 and I read and played with the cat while Jose was still sleeping and he finally woke up at like 3. Man when I am with him, I'm like the laziest person in the world. I don't care, as long as I get to spend time with him it's all good.

Today I am going to work a little longer than planned because I am filling in for someone tonight. Man, I gotta go shopping though too. I don't know how I'm gonna get all that in, but I will. Tomarrow I am going to this thing at the Eisner museum, it's free and Rooftop films is making a presentation of some short films there, they are a company from New York that usually shows it's films on the rooftops of buildings. I thought that was very interesting, it goes from 7:30 to 9:30, I think it would be cool to see if anyone would wanna go with me, so if yer down, gimme a ring or just comment.

Imma go get my daily tea now :).
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