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Fuck ALL that noise...

I don't think I wanna go out to eat again for awhile, too much confusion with splitting the bill. I should save my money anyway. I am such a miser that I keep my heat off even when it hits below 50. I don't know where my stingyness came from, maybe my mom.

This weekend was kind of stressful. I have two freinds that are always on my mind right now and another problem that comes up occasionally resurfaced a bit Saturday night. It's hard to keep everything straight and everyone happy at the same time. I keep getting the feeling that I am being taken for granted and that I am letting people walk all over me.

I can't wait to get my house to myself again, I won't have to deal with hairballs anymore, unless I get my own cat. If I did, it would have to be one that did'nt shed very much. I wish I could have Nicodemus, Jose's cat, I love that kitty, he's really sweet and I love when he comes to sleep between us in the bed at night.

I think I should just stick with my Pirhana idea, the second Carrie moves out I am going to start changing my whole house around, starting with my computer. I am going to set it up in the hallway where my birds are, it's the coolest place in the house and there is a window there where I am going to put the air conditioner in the summer.

Man I need to buy alot of stuff, a new TV, a DVD player/ent. system and a stand for the TV. plus a system for my computer when I get my new motherboard installed. Before all that I am buying a new stereo for my car since mine is busted, it keeps going out on me, it's either the wires or the stereo. I don't know.

Tonight is cleaning night so I am going home soon and imma start my cleaning right away.
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