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I'm glad Carrie can sleep through anyting...

Because if she could not, she would have been kept up all night last night by me walking around the house unil 4AM. I have another bladder infection and it's the first day of my period. So I was up the whole night, in pain, drinking water and going to the bathroom every ten minutes. My ASS hurts from sitting on the toilet, I bet I have a mark where the seat was touching my ass.

I went to Walgreens at 2 AM to get some Prodium, this stuff that I usually get at the ER for about 10 bucks, I found is only 7 at Walgreens. I also have left over antibiotics from a few months ago that I am taking. I said SCREW the ER, I'm not paying $100.00 for them to send me home with antibiotics that I already have at home. So I did'nt go and doctored myself all night, oh the pain.

I wanted morphine and contemplated going to the ER just to ask for it, but I decided against it because it was raining (I hate driving in rain at night) and because I would ultimatly have to pay for it and it's EXPENSIVE.

All I wanted was to go to sleep, but the pain made me stay awake, I could not even sit. After I went to Walgreens to get the medicine and cranberry juice two hours passed and I could finally sit and then lay down, by this time the Prodium had made it through my system and stopped ALL pain. I could sleep only then - it was 6AM.

So I slept until eleven this morning and I did'nt feel like calling into work (So I did'nt). I got here at like 12:00 and I am leaving at three. Because I can :).

Tonight I am going to Jeffy's house tonight to meet every one for margaritas and a movie. The list of people who are going are Me, Carrie, Michelle, Tina I think and little John from MIAD. Sara and Pat might come, but that's iffy, we would love them to grace us with their presence though :).

We are going to Best Buy to get my car stereo too, imma get a cool ass one.
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