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Woo hoo, more free passes....

Got some more free movie passes in my E-mail, I am going to use them this time, and I am going to get to the moviehouse in time to beat everyone else there! muuuahaha

Jose and I hung out yesterday all day after work, we got a movie called "Love Liza" it was a wonderful was soo sad. Oh how I love independent film. We also got greek food, I got a yummy greek salad and mt baby got spinach pie....he loves spinach pie. He's sooo CUTE!

He has been so cuddly lately, that makes me very happy :) I like a little extra cuddle here and there.....and everywhere.

I need to buy some books, so I should raid Sara's work one day, just walk up in there, go around and take all the books I would like to have and then.........RUN! right out the door.

My books. mine mine mine mine. *repeats*

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