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Weekend Post

Friday Jose came over unexpectedly, to my happiness, holding a box of Little Ceasarz pizza, oh the goodness of surprise pizza :). Later on after we ate we took a laid down together for a little while and talked, then he went home to practice for his up comming shows with Lock Jaw. Carrie and I just hung out the rest of the night while she waited for Nicky to come home.

Saturday was kick-ass....I woke up at Jose's house around 11:30 and I caled Sara right away to see if we were still going to Holy Hill, she said that was cool, so I had Jose drop me off at home and I got ready real fast and then Sara and Pat picked me up at like 12:30 or so. We drove around to get food, film and to pee. Pat was driving and Sara said "We are going in circles" a few times. It was cute :). Nonetheless, the drive up there was beautiful, I had my video camera and got some footage of the drive. I also got some great pictures of Sara, I hope they post the ones that they took online soon. The weather was so nice and it was cool when we went up in the church, ALL the way up, it was so high tha Pat would not go all the way to the top, so Sara and I braved the narrow stairs to get to the very tippy top so we could get pictures from up there, I think the're gonna be pimpin'.

Sunday was a lazy day, Jose and I stayed in bed all day, he is pretty sick so that was his reason, but I was plain lazy. He took me home at 3:30 because he had to work on his music some more, he also called in because he was feeling like total shit all day. So my boy is chillin' at home right now, and I am here. ...well, boo.

I am VERY tired today, and I really have no reason to be, I slept all afternoon yesterday and all night long. Maybe I am over tired, I DID sleep for like 10 hours yesterday, broken up. I should not nap after work, because it screws up my nights.

Jeffy called to day that he will NOT be doing our thing this Tuesday until like 9, because he's got stuff to do for Tyler. So it's up to Sara, Pat and I to make the plans :).

I gotta pee.
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