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How do you "feel" working?....

Well, I don't know, but I have been busting ass all day with bills so I guess my mood is accurate.

Yesterday was so beautiful, the weather was to die for and the best thing about yesterday was that when I got home, my baby was at my house wating for me :). He had off yesterday and decided to come and visit me for a bit, we hung out with Carrie and Nicky for awhile then after they left we talked and Jose took me to the Library so I could pay my fine and return my stupid book. I am really better off just buying books than I am borrowing them. Damn it.

Tonight I have to go get an application for an appartment I am interested in, go to the bank and pay my loan company some money and get stamps. Then I will go home and wait for Sara to call :).

I wonder what we will do....

So here in the maintenance dept., we have these little slips that people are supposed to fill out when they have a complaint, I am the keeper of these things and it's my job to assign them out to the employees, so I always see them and read them. Well, some of them are just plain hilarious, especially the ones that come from the kids at the MIAD dorms. I am going to be posting the ones I really like as they come in, just for a little laugh.

Here goes some now:

"The hellish heat that seems to increase daily has me blanketed in sweat by the night and fleeing the room every morning. I wake multiple times in the night to remove the sheets adhered to my skin. Please, Please...just 20 degrees lower!"

"Clean the air ducts and get better filters, the A/C blows out dust. I have allergies and dust upsets them. I also don't like fuzz on my bar of soap. We deserve clean air."
(I was laughing because I thought the bar of soap part was cute)

"Please fix our bathroom floor. Linoleum is bad especially when it is old. We want TILE like everyone else."

This one is the best:

" Y'all does'nt have any of them helping handles by your comodes and after I poop my legs get really relaxed and I need a handle to help me out with. And I fell, I should sue yoou. I DO have physical incompacities you know. And if y'all did'nt know, you do now."

OH my god, I laughed my ASS off at this one, I did'nt change anything on it either, it was all written that way on the paper, along with a little drawing of a toilet on the side. And there is an area on the form where you are supposed to put the time and this girl put "Dark O' clock". I think I am gonna copy it and show it to my mom, she gets a kick out of funny shit like that.

That's one of my favorite things about working with kids, especially the freshman, you get a good laugh here and there, even if they are little wise asses sometimes.
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