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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Busy times...

Lately, times have been busy and I am rushed a bit. I have to go to the bank tonight, to get a payment made to my loan company and the other day I paid creditors that were comming after me for a bill that was not even mine. I paid it because it was my mothers co-pay for my surgery two summers ago, the insurance paid four grand and there was one hundred left over. So I said fine, I will cover it.

That was no problem, the big ones are my loan and engine payments, it's like I have a new car or something. I am paying out of my ass like I have one anyway.

Well, I am going to get that application for a new place today I think, since I did'nt do it yesterday. I really want that place, $420.00 for a two bedroom. No laundry though, that sucks, but it's not like I can't go to Jose's house and do it.

Carrie and Nicky signed their lease for the new apartment underneath John Verbos yesterday, Carrie was telling me all about it. John's mom owns the house and she is putting in a new ceiling and they have a new washer and dryer, a nice walk-in closet in the master bedroom and a dishwasher. Carrie is especially happy about the dishwasher since she absolutely HATES washing dishes. I LOVE washing dishes, on the other hand and I don't like dishwashers 'cause they suck a lot of energy, and I am a control freak when it comes to saving evergy, that's why I will not use an air conditioner or space heaters.

But anyway, yeah, they are happy about getting the new place. Nicky is excited that he will be living right underneath John, and he won't have to worry about driving over there anymore. I am happy that they found a place they like.

I hope I have the same luck in getting this nice two bedroom on Kilbourn right off the lake. I will probly never want to move again if I get it.

Jose called me pretty late last night while he was at work to talk to me for awhile, we had a good conversation about music amongst other very inersesting things. I love when he calls me from work just to talk :).

Jose has got some shows to do soon so he has been busy practicing for that and also these advanced lessons he is taking. That actaually takes up alot of his time, but he still manages to spend most of his free time with me, for which I am so grateful.

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Re: $420.00?

Duuude, I have been looking in the "Start Renting" magazine and there are tons of places that are cheap as hell right now because no one likes to move in winter.

I found a whole bunch of large studio places too for like $350 a month in the rich part of down town and the east side. Almost all of them include heat.

I am going to look at a studio tomarrow in the Brewers Hill apts. just to see what they look like, because I have always wanted a huge studio place, like in the movie "Stigmata" Frankie's apartment rules.

hey hun, sorry i never got to drop that thing off, i've been sick. i can do it friday after work around 630? let me know

It's ok, Friday is cool, I'll be home. If you want to call before you come that's ok too :)

You going

to Old World with us on Sunday?

Re: You going

I am totally going with you guys :).

Is there an entrance fee at all or no?

Just wondering...

you will live right by me if you get that apartment!