Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

I screwed up my settings.....

So yeah, someone seriously needs to help me.....I wanted to change my settings for viewing my livejournal and I screwed them up, it's the friends page I fucked up actually, I changed the format and I have no idea what I did. Hmmmmm, I suppose I have to have someone come over and look at it to understand, cause if I explain it, it will make no sense. I have a mac, so all of you who want to yell it me for it, go ahead.......nuggets. Anyhoo, Jeffy, you are the one who is the best with computers (As far as I know) so you gotta come over here and see what the hell happened. So, if I don't read some of your journals, it's because I can't read them on my comp. Damn it........
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