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I envy those...

those people who live in, how do they afford that gas/electric bill? that's the only thing would wig me out about living in a mansion. Sometimes, the energy bills can equal the rent in the winter months in really big houses. Fuck all that.

So my landlord says that Carrie and I both have to stay at the house until March 1st, or until she can find someone to take over the lease before then, because she said she will look. I think she said that because I told her yesterday that I wanted to move out at the same time Carrie was, instead of taking on the lease by myself, because, frankly - it's not worth it. That place has been ripping me off since my second year there. So now I want out and my landlady does not like it. Well, originally, she said that I could move out at the same time Carrie did if I wanted to, but I said no. Then my loan company called me saying that my thousand dollar payment does not count towards my monthly payments, but to the loan as a whole. So now I tried to ask Lori if I could take her up on her previous offer and she backed out. Damn.

Well, in better news.....Jose came over this morning to give me a hug and cuddle with me before I went to work. That was so cute, my baby must Love me. I did'nt want him to leave though, that was the only problem. Tonight I see him and we might go to KMFDM if they are not sold out, almost half of my old friends will be there, the ones from high school. I would really like to go.

Sunday I go to Old World Wisconsin with Sara and Pat, that should be cool, I don't believe I have ever been there. So what time are we going guys? I don't care how early it is, just gimme the time you want me to be at my house by.

I need my tooth filled in. I got this big gaping hole in one of my molars in the back of my mouth. I need a filling and I have no insurance, maybe I could go to Marquette and get one for cheap. I want it capped too. That won't be cheap, I want like three caps. My braces destroyed the enamel on my teeth in the far back. I had braces for four and a half years. My teeth are DAMN straight, but they are somewhat weakened now.

I'd rather have crooked teeth then weak ones.

I am now envious of those whom have never had braces.
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