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Too much time....

So I have not talked to Carrie in a while, I think she's mad at me or something. Probly cause the landlord said we had to stay for a few more months. I can't help it if my loan company decided to up my monthly payments AFTER Carrie and Nick signed their lease for the other house. On top of that, I paid off a creditor because of my moms inability to pay co-pays for my medical bills. I HAD to do that, there is no contest. I think she feels like I did that on purpose or something, when in fact I could not help it. I just can't make that extra payment in December for her security deposit, that would add up to $750.00 all of which I will not have once I pay all my bills this month. Now she has to pay for two rents for three months. I feel really bad and told her that I would pay all the utilities for her this month. It's all I can do right now. If I had the money, I would have been able to swing it.

On Friday Jose came over and wanted to hang out at my place, so we watched Fried Green Tomatoes and had Pizza puddle food, I got a tuna pita and he got a banana split and fries too. I don't know what it is with him lately, but he has been eating alot of banana splits. He was too tired to finish the movie, so we turned it off and went to bed.

Saturday I wanted to go have breakfast at the Pallas on 108th. So he drive us out there and we had a yummy food time. Mmmmm feta cheese omlette with onions and toast, that's what I had. after that we saw "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" at the Marcus, Southgate. OH man, that movie rocked the cock! it was scary.....I kept screaming and jumping, it was so much fun. Jose was holding on to me the whole time and I scared him when I would scream sometimes, heh heh.

Sunday was a bunch of lying around and daydreaming and talking. Jose wanted to go get a movie from blockbuster so we went in there and got "October Sky" that was a beautiful movie, I was crying a little towards the end. We got Bella's Fat Cat and I had a cheeseburger and fries and he had a double cheeseburger and onion rings with a banana split...... again. That boy can really eat man, I don't how he has stayed so skinny all these years, he's almost 34 and he looks like a 22 year old. He says it's because he never smoked and he quit drinking when he was 25. He used to work out all the time and he eats really healthy, MOST of the time. I think the banana splits are gonna catch up with him one day :).

For some reason, I was sick yesterday after the movie, I just threw up when I stood up to go to the bathroom. I DID make it to the bathroom in time to praise the porcelain godess though :). Jose was holding my hair, when I really wanted him to be out of the room, cause, you know...that's something you really don't want to share with someone. Eeeeew, but he insisted on being by me. I am ok today though, doin' just fine and dandy :). I thought I had hepatitis or maybe the flu. I don't think I have either. Maybe they poisoned the food or something...only my food :(.

I found a nice two bedroom on Clark St. which is close by me, as long as it's not in the ghetto, I will consider looking at it. I am supposed to meet this landlord tomarrow after work. I hope he does'nt kill me, I mean all I wanna do is look at the place and leave.

Tonight I am going to Talleah's after work to hang out, I will probly be there all night like I always am when I go there. I wanna play with her new chinchilla, Kai, it's a boy and he is all grey. Yeap. those er ma plans.

Ciao y'all
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