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Got some appartment appointments up the ass this week, Friday and today. They all wanted to have them at the same time it seems, but there was NO way I was gonna swing two showings in one day. There is this one landlord who wants to get me into this two bedroom for $500.00 a month. Not bad but there better be heat included or else.


and it better not be in the ghetto. It's on Clark, and I don't know about Clark st. it can get pretty bad when ya go north.

It's fun looking for places, I am not an easy one to convince though. Landlord says "It's a nice area" and I have visions in my head of garbage in the streets and fat ugly rabid rats running free on the sidewalks. I only hope that I am much luckier than that.

This morning Jose came over again after work and cuddled in my bed with me, he is sooo sweet :). He does anything for me.....I really appreciate that. He's such an angel.

Tonight is margarita night....eventhough I don't drink, I go to margarita night. Oh yes.
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