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Woo hooo! warm weather....

It's baaaaaaak, summer strikes again, ha HA!

Yesterday I got off of work at like 4:30 and took the 15 bus to see an apartment on KK. I liked it alot, it was clean and painted nicely and the building is really old, like from the 1930's, it even had the old ice box still intact in the kitchen. I totally would have resurrected it dude, get a big ass block of ice and shit, heh heh. Well, maybe not. Anyway.....the place rocked but I want something much bigger and preferably with two bedrooms. I just have too much shit for a one bedroom place.

I went over to Meg's house after the showing, I found her place real easily, she lives a few blocks from Jose. We talked and had pasta and cookies and tea. I really liked her place, the decorating is nice and I love the kitty, she's so cute!! Meg's room is so awesome, it's HUGE and her furniture is beautiful. She was so sweet, it was nice to talk with her since I have not for a long time.

After Meggy's, I went to Jose's to say hi and then I took the 10 bus back home adn talked to Carrie until Nicky came home.

Tonight will be very busy, I have to leave here early and go to an apt. showing on Humboldt at 12:00 and then I have to come back here and fill in for Debbie for a while and then I have to leave here again at 4:00 to go to another apartment showing on KK ave. at 5:00. After that I just come home and clean for awhile and put the rest of my decorations away. Then Jose should call and I will probly just go over there right away, tonight I will be at the Lock Jaw show to see my boy play with them, I will not make it to club now though, it's official because I won't have a car this weekend and Jose is playing until 2AM tonight. Sorry guys :(. I wanted to go, but I promised Jose I would go and see him.

I can't wait to see those new apts, well.... off I go.
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