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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

I sent my resumes to a few places downtown, hopefully one of them will respond soon, I like this online applying thing, it's cool because you get to just chill at home and apply all day long, eventually, SOMEONE is likely to respond. It makes it that much easier to get a job nowadays.

Last night I went to Chi-Chi's in the pouring-ass rain....I actually took the bus out there, armed with my umbrella. It was quite a wet walk to the bus shelter, I'll tell you what. It was so warm out though...that it did'nt even matter to me.

I had fun at the restaurant, little John was there and Sara & Pat, Michelle, Jeffy, Lynn, Tyler, Amanda and Chaank too. Afterwards we went to Jeffy's house to watch "Scarface" a mafia movie I have never seen, Michelle was making me laugh so hard in the car on the way there, that I could not breathe :). The movie was awesome.....ahhhh, Al Pacino.

I had a very happy night, all we did was laugh, eat candy and talk about taking craps (Don't ask). Eventful, oh yes.......

Well as some of you know, I have decided on an apartment. 2628 N. Humboldt, 3rd floor #303. I'm at the top. hee hee. The very top of the complex which is perpetually stuck in the 1930's, the decor of the place had been kept the same ever since the apartments were built around 1932. All hardwood floors, separate dinning room, living room and kitchen. Very large bedroom, lots of windows, stucco white walls and electric candle light fixtures on the dinning room walls, along with a large fire place (electric) near the entrance.

I don't think I could ask for a better place, it includes heat, hot water, free cable and laundry. I loved the place since I walked up there, the building is covered in vines, it has brick gate-like walls on either side of the stairs leading up to the complex. This place is just so charming, it actually lives up to the advertisement on the front lawn " Gracious and Charming ".

I am a happy lady bug and a happy pink snake. (Don't ask)

I gotta pay a large credit card bill today and then come home and wait for my boy to call. Speaking of him, I had a dream that he said he was my fiance on the phone to me and I told him I loved him. That was so sweet, when I woke up I felt happy and relaxed, like everything was going to be ok. In the dream, he also said his lease was up in December and he was hinting that he wanted to live with me possibly. It was a cute dream, I almost thought it was real, which kind of made me sad at the same time as making me feel happy.

Well, I am hungry like the wolf..... so I go eat :).

Emotion: accomplishedaccomplished

yeah that was alot of fun wasnt it.. i never did take that crap. i just couldnt let myself do it. jeffys dad did end up yellin at us to turn the music down tho.

Uh-oh...really? yeah Jeffy's dad is scary sometimes, back in the day, when we were in highschool he was alot worse though.

Pink Snake!

Yey.... what are you guys doing on Saturday? Maybe we could all lie around and watch movies... and uh pizza during the day?

Didn't go to Razed in Black either, we'll have to vow to go to the next one. Too stressed to really enjoy it right now, why spend the money?

Re: Pink Snake!

I don't know what we have planned this Saturday, we pretty much always play it by ear though, so we can give you a call if you want :). I'll bring it up to him today.

Dude, totally....next time, we ARE going to Razed!!