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Heh heh...

The other day I saw a license plates that said "GET PAID" lol. I was in Chaanks car, when he took me home from Jeffy's house. We were laughing about that...hee hee.

MMmmm, last night Jose came over with pizza. I did'nt even know he was gonna come over, when Carrie and I got back from the store, his car was there and I said "Baby's here!". He was inside talking to Nicky, who was getting ready to go to work. When Nick left, Jose, Carrie and I watched "American Gothic" it was a really interesting movie, creepy and a little gory, but it was good. It had that woodsy, kind of isolated feeling to it.

Tonight I have not made any plans yet, though I do want to see movies with Sara and Pat on Sat. that's gonna rule :).

I am now going to go downstairs and have another doughnut, a cute...round one.

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