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Nothing could be worse....

Than losing an angel.

He's gone forever.....

Last night he came over and told me that he thought that we should not continue as is, that we should be "just friends". Well, my feelings run much deeper than that at the moment. I told him that I was so deeply in love with him. He said that his romantic feelings for me were dwindling more and more, and that he did'nt know why, it could be the stress, the timing. Whatever it was, our relationship was not enough for him to want to continue. I told him I can't just be friends because I don't think I know HOW to do that with him, we have never been friends, we started dating right when we met, within a few weeks. All I know of him is from us being romantically involved. I told him that if I kept hanging out with him, that I would miss him, eventhough he is right next to me. I would not be able to touch him, to hold him, I could not kiss him be around him would be pure torture.

"I don't know what else to do" He said

What do I do ....... I have no fucking idea. Goddamn it, I wish I would just find a way to leave this place, this sadness.....and my recurring ability to lose the very person in my life whom I am DEEPLY devoted too and in love with.

My light, my very thing which is so stable and honest and muse....

Jose......I miss you.

Come back :****(
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