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A little better...

I realize that the WRONG thing to do is cut him out of my life, I mean, I feel like I have been taken away from a really happy family. I should probly talk to him. But I did E-mail him a letter, it basically said that I will not stop loving him and that I was grateful to have him and that he treated me so good, better than anyone else I have ever been with. And at the end, I even said I was going to be the "LOVE ladybug" I am like a lady bug that won't come off your sleeve no matter how you shake HAHA! I will be quiet and just love him from far away then, if I can't be with him. I am probly going to do something else I always to for the one I love...I leave little messages for them and stuff.

I may be a dumbass, but at least I believe in something.

Well, I'm not gonna lie to myself and pretend I don't love him, that will only make it worse, I am devoted to him and that is how it will stay until I find someone else of interest.

I realize how much my friends love me.....Pat and Sara especially....they are trying so hard to make me feel better, and it really worked. Saturday was so awesome for me, thank you guys.

And thank you Katie for talking to me at club and making me feel so much better. Thank you Tina, Jeffy, Michelle and Lynnie for making my life a little easier, even if it's only for a second.

I realize what I can't have, but I also see what I do have and it makes me so thankful.

Time will tell what will happen with me and this whole thing......we will see.
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