Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

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Windy daze.....

WOA HO! it's windy out there!!!

I will probly blow away or something, maybe a tornado will pick me up and take me somewhere warm.

Last night I went to margaritas with everyone, it was ok, but I was feeling a little down still. I had an epiphany before I went to bed....I must not tell's a secret!

I chose not to keep that apartment on Humboldt because I want this other two bedroom in Shorewood, I would much rather live in Shorewood than Milwaukee any day. I figure if I can't be one of the richest people around here, at least I can live by them. I feel really safe in Shorewood, plus it's by my school, where I will be starting in January.

Woot...maybe I will finish by 2005. who knows I can work my ass off or something.

Why did I take the bus today? man I can be an assjag sometimes....


If one of you guys see me flying past your window later, don't be scared :).

"I'm gonna touch the buuuut!!"
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