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Damn it's late....

And I'm still on the clock,' money.

Well.....yesterday I had a fucking BLAST at club, they played the most awesome songs and I was happy to dance again. I was also happy to be hanging out with Lynn, she is pretty removed from my situation and is kind of going through the same thing herself, so I have this weird connection with her I think.

Damn people are fast. what the hell is WRONG with the guys at club? I got at least four guys comming up tp me, asking if they could buy me a drink or if they could "Cheer me up" because I looked sad. Heh...well, I was NOT impressed. One guy was mad because I did not want to hang out with him this weekend, and that I would not take a drink from him. "I don't drink" I said. Man...the nerve of these people. I was looking around the club and it hit me that there was no one in there that I would ever date. EVER.

If one more guy tries anything imma sock em one.

Tonight I wanted to go to belly dancing with Sara, but I get out of here too late so next week would be a better time for that I think.

Tomarrow is the par-tay at the Angela and Carrie and whoever else residence. Someone tell me what kind of food I should bring....
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