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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Damn it's late....

And I'm still on the clock, heh..mo' money.

Well.....yesterday I had a fucking BLAST at club, they played the most awesome songs and I was happy to dance again. I was also happy to be hanging out with Lynn, she is pretty removed from my situation and is kind of going through the same thing herself, so I have this weird connection with her I think.

Damn people are fast. what the hell is WRONG with the guys at club? I got at least four guys comming up tp me, asking if they could buy me a drink or if they could "Cheer me up" because I looked sad. Heh...well, I was NOT impressed. One guy was mad because I did not want to hang out with him this weekend, and that I would not take a drink from him. "I don't drink" I said. Man...the nerve of these people. I was looking around the club and it hit me that there was no one in there that I would ever date. EVER.

If one more guy tries anything imma sock em one.

Tonight I wanted to go to belly dancing with Sara, but I get out of here too late so next week would be a better time for that I think.

Tomarrow is the par-tay at the Angela and Carrie and whoever else residence. Someone tell me what kind of food I should bring....

Emotion: blahblah

guys suck.... well, guys i dont know. but hey, if they want to spend 3 bucks on me to drink a beer... MORE POWER TO THEM. alotho i could do without the hittin on me shit. like, OOOOOOOOOOH you are so hot... OHHHH whats your sign... OH. you look so sad, whats wrong? if theres something wrong i can fix it cause im the best guy ever! im superman! im the pimpin chicken! yeah fuck that. im done with that.......

let em get you drunk, you owe them nothin after that. if they offer.. why not. and yeah it is shallow or rude or selfish but hey... THEY OFFER! why not. yup.....

Yeah, I use dto take drinks, but I don't drink anymore...so I decided to say fuck that, and they just would not leave me alone.

I hate guys like that....

LOL yer pimpin chicken thing was hilarious, if those guys at club want to pimp...they better go look for chickens 'cause no chicks want 'em!!