Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

I am immortal...

Today is call scott day, scott is my sexy bitch. I have been neglecting him lately, I feel bad :(. Poo. I am getting rid of my mac and getting a new pc, built by Jeffy! yeay, it's the only way I will trust it. It will be a Jeffy spawn and have an immortal will be a super computer...yup. Rose, you put the kitty loaf on your last post, how do you get it to be on this page? I uploaded it to my pic's but I want to put it in my post too! I love the kitty loaf! can I eat it? mmmmmmm......well even if you say I can't eat it, I will anyway. went to Johnny V's last night for the first time, with Jeffy and our friend Lynn, we met up with John and a girl named Joanna (I think), she was pretty cool. John is sexy :). ha ha! Now I just don't care.....Jeffy, I'm currently plotting the death of your soul right now. No but really, I have an immense appreciation for beutiful people, and I am entitled to my opinion am I not? *little smile* I have a whole scrap book deticated to beutiful people, like models from Ralph Lauren, Cicco and Eternity. And since I am a photographer I look for striking details in everyone, some people have more than others as far as my taste goes. Speaking of pictures I saw this dude at Johnny V's last night that was in my pic's of the Traumasponge show at the rave. I also saw Canton and Laura and Michelle and Chad. I really don't know Chad but he seemed cool. He and John had a nice long conversation about comic book stuff last night.....Joanna was like "And two years later he's still talking about it" (John). Quite entertaining. I am going to a new club on Wednesday, I forgot the name but Parker and Jeffy are taking me...those sluts.
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