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The world is a vampire....

SO I have made the decision to work more on myself than anything else. I have realized that I rely too much on having a relationship, I don't want to date ANYONE at the moment. Though, I think if someone approaches me that is just ground-breaking, I MIGHT consider it. But they would have to be like Al Pacino or Johnny Depp.....or GOD.

This break-up made me realize that I have been devoting too much time to other people and not to myself, this is my chance to re-evaluate my goals. I noticed that I feel lost and unstable when I don't have someone with me on a regular basis. Someone taught me that people should always feel happy when they are alone....that a significant other should be a wonderful something added to your life - not something that is absolutely neccessary. I believe that now, and I found that I have been neglecting my personal needs for furthering myself.

Today I made an appointment to get my favorite and best self-portrait framed and when that is finished I will donate it to MIAD, that means this school will own the painting and all rights to it belong to them. It becomes their property. What I will be getting out of this is the publicity of my name, and that's what I be known for my art. MIAD hangs their donated paintings on the wall on the river level (basement level) where all the big shot offices are and the admissions/business offices. The only thing that sucks about donating is that if the school gets on offer from someone for it, they can sell it for whatever price they want, and they get ALL the money. But I get the recongnition for it. I think I might be a little pissed if they sold it for $100,000 dollars, but hey, it might have never been seen if it were'nt hanging there so...I would have to deal.

Tonight I am going to an art framing place in Shorewood called "Lakeshore Gallery" to get my painting framed under glass. Then I will meet with the director of MIAD donations and have it placed on the wall and have a plaque with my name put next to it. The title is, unsurprisingly..."Self-portrait".

Friday I had a good time, I went to Angela's party and met some really cool people, talked to them almost the whole time, ate some really good food and got caught up with old friends from highschool. I then went to Planet and had a good time with my new friends I met through Jose, Josh and Stephanie. I lost my watch though, that piece was crafted wrong or something, the damn clasp ALWAYS unhooks and it falls off if I move alot. Planet called and said they found it, imma go get it Thursday at nine and then I am going to send it back (since it has a warrenty) and complain that it's a piece of shit and that I want a new one.

Saturday I took Carrie to work at three and then I went and got a piercing done in West Allis at Avante Gaurde by my friend Brent from back in the day. I got my left industrial done and it was done PERFECT, I have never seen one better. It hurt though, while he was doing has to go in twice and shit and then they move it all around and it feels like your ear is going to fall off. I was lying there like "Ummm...owe". The barbell would not go in right and he had to get another one so he had to pull the first one out, put another one in...etc. But in the end it was all good, it never hurts unless I touch it and it's very easy to turn, it is a little hard to wash though because it hurts.

I went to club that night and talked to Katie for a bit and she was telling me about how the library she works at leaks all the time, but they are getting a new one built.....yay for Katie's new work! :). I also saw Jose there at the end of the night, I was a little sad to see him, but I was so happy too. We talked about some shit and well...ya know how it goes...Ex-boyfriends...blah. It was kind of funny...while I was driving home, I noticed that he followed behind me for awhile.

Sunday I woke up early to go look at some apartments on Franklin, and DAMN are they SMALL!!! no wonder why they were so cheap. I was like "Ya got anything bigger?" they did'nt so I thought "Nope". I then went over to Talleah's house and her and her friend Heather were there so I hung out with them all day and we went to a petshop and I bought a new FISSIE!! it's a beta fissie..... I don't know the name yet, I kind of wanted Sara to name my new betta. Sara, you gotta come over and see my betta so you can name him!! he's beautiful....all red and blue and long, long flowy fins. I bought new ground rocks for him, they are red glass hearts and some frosted glass smooth white/clear rocks. I hope he is happy in his big bowl, I felt bad about putting him in a small one like he was in at the petshop. Wanna know why I like his bowl? 'cause it's ROUND and you all know I LOOOOVE round stuff.

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