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Ahh yes....

I am on the road to success...that and/or bieng totally broke. I went to get my portrait framed and it turend out to be about $200.00. Goddamn this shit is going to kill me. I hope I don't have to frame everything I want to put in a show. It WAS a big portrait though....the guy helping me was really nice and the gallery was gorgeous, oh my god it was just amazing! beutiful works of art on the walls. I looked around and saw that this place really would do a nice job with framing my piece, they had thousands (literally) of frames to choose from. They came from all over, Brazil, Cuba, Japan....the list goes on. The most expensive frame was gold plated and ornately engraved, it was $25.00 per foot. To frame my picture in that would have costed me...Oh about $400.00. I opted for a beautiful Burgundy painted wooden frame with a black cracked decorative look. It really accents the piece nicely...I am going to pick it up on Thanksgiving because that's when they will be finished.

I had Carrie with me all day after work yesterday, she decided not to go to work so I took her to the framing place with me and then she wanted to go to Wal-mart and Mc. Donald's to get a burger. Hungry NEEDS food.

Carrie's belly is getting big, she is already starting to show at three months and she goes to the bathroom all the time, which is normal because the baby is pressing against her insides, including the bladder. Unfortunatley, this won't stop until the baby flips upside-down to get ready for delivery. I am interested in how the baby knows to flip, is it a hormone that triggers it, probably....I think I will read up on that some time soon.

Mmmm pea soup...that's what I am eating right now...pea soup. It's GREEN.

I wonder where my boss is...I need to ask him something about our new employee, I can't seem to find his "Conformation of hire" papers.

Jeffy just asked me to go to Mader's with him for Thanksgiving dinner, but it costs $25.00 a plate to eat there. Damn! that's alot a cash right now. Normally I would have been like "Ok" but, I need my money. I really wanted to go though, like hardcore, I so want to see Mader's and I really miss Jeffy. :(.

It's so warm out today.....if only was not raining.

Lincoln was so happy that it got warmer, he did'nt even need to warm up for that long today. My happy Lincoln!

Mandy, my friend from Campbellsport called last night and she's comming down to visit!!! I can't wait...tomarrow she and her boyfriend are driving down here from Fon Du Lac, which is about 60 miles north of here. Mandy and I were best friends for about a year, then she had to go to christian rehab to clean up. It did'nt work, but she's back now and all I care about is seeing her again. I thought I never would.

I remember when Mandy and Brian Warner were living with me for a month, that was crazy, I came home once and the people from "Screaming afterbirth" were in my house. I was like "Ummmm...ok" I really did'nt care. Brian knows everybody...

I totally wanted to go bellydancing with Sara Thursday, but I have to go and pick up my watch at Planet and I have no cash for it. And nest Thursday is Thanksgiving so I guess that won't work. Dammit...poo.

One day I will catch up with myself.
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