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Well, I never thought I would be a fan of first I thought it was stupid...but now I actually like it, I am connected to so many people from all over the US. And alot of the friends on my list want to meet me and shit. Interesting...too bad I'm not in a dating mood right now.

Yesterday my good friend Mandy and her boyfriend Joe (Of course..because EVERYONE'S name had to be Joe now) came down from Fon Du Lac. We had a really good time, they came to my house and we talked for hours and then we got food at Jimmy John's and went to club afterwards. I don't think they were comfortable at first, but in a little bit they were dancing and having a good time. They seem really into each other and I have never seen Mandy treated any better than she is by this guy. I am truly thankful for Joe, I feel he will take good care of my Mandy.

I sent them all my love and I hope to see them again sometime soon. I want to go up there and spend a weekend with them maybe.

I saw my Jeffy and lots of other people that never come on Wed. It was packed by the time we got in.....I started dancing right away :).

And guess what everyone? Northwestern Mutual Life called me back!!! they want me in for an interview Monday morning....WOOOHOOOO!!! I'm so happy...I could.....ummmm.....well, I could pee!!

I am going to print out the application they sent me via E-mail and then bring it in Monday. Man...I'm so happy!!

Tonight I go to bellydancing with Sara and then to Planet to pick up my watch.

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