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A marble opportunity...

I had my interview today at 9:30 in the morning. I drove my Lincoln in the freezing cold down to Wisconsin Ave. and parked at the meters around the corner from the main Northwestern building. I made out pretty damn good, considering I got a BAD ASS spot AND the meter guy came right when I pulled up so I knew I had two hours until he would be back again. It's a good thing because I did'nt have enough change to even park for an hour!

I walked up to the main building which was beautiful, all marble stairs and huge double glass doors, it mimics the Milwaukee public library a little. It has the same roman look to the outside. I was so happy to be INSIDE the building, I have been chasing after this company for a really long time and finally...I am on the inside...heh heh.

The interview was LONG, like two hours. It was like an interrogation and shit, they wanted to knew everything about me. The lady asked me a whole bunch of questions from why I switched from college to college to what motivates me to do my art. Very interesting lady though. When that was over she had me wait in a waiting room and yet another lady came and there were more questions but in a more relaxed atmosphere. She took me to this HUGE indoor internet cafe, it looked like the Mitchell airport it was so big. There were waterfalls and pools all around the place. There was a massive stained-glass window in the ceiling that let in the sun, if there was some. I was like "Woa, this place is just gorgeous". We talked about what my potential job would entail and what kind of a business I was looking for. I told her that I was VERY business oriented and that my favorite setting was in front of a computer in a professional atmosphere. She seemed pleased with everything from my choice of hours to the way I liked to dress, and she even liked my tattoo alot! We talked about the building because I was really interested in the architecture so we chatted about that for awhile. She kept telling me that I was funny, I liked that lady, I hope I get to work with her if I get this job.

I kept thinking as she was talking to me which one of my friends would date her. I thought that she was too professional for Jose but little John would totally go for her. Heh, ummm.....who else, maybe Sara would have gone for her too :). Definitely not Jeffy's type tho.

I had to take my nose ring out for the interview, but when I got back in my car I put it back in and it was ok! I really thought I was going to lose the piercing. I am going to have to take it out every morning though for that job, so I think I'll just get a retainer I can put in and out, it's going to be a pain in the ass though, having to do that every day. SHe did'nt say anything about my industrial, I don't think she saw it, was kind of hidden behind my hair.

I can't wait to get that call...any day now.

On another subject I am hurt by Jose. I always tell him how much I MISS his cat, Nicodemus or "Demus" as he calls him. Whenever I see him, I ask him how he is doing and such. Well, he told me lately that he is going to Hollywood for a few days and I was real excited for him. I said (with a lot of excitement) "Can I take care of Demus when you're gone?!" he was like "No, my friend Rick is already doing that" and he said it all calmly, like it would not matter to me. Well it actually DID really hurt my feelings. I was like "Why can't I do it?" and he was like "Well, I already have someone to do it". I said "Oh...ok" all sad-like.

I mean, I live really close, I know Demus well and he knows me, PLUS I would'nt just feed him, I would play with him. I love that cat. I never thought I would miss a CAT this much, I did'nt think I liked them all that much, but that one I had a little bond with. He used to curl up next to me when I would sleep and he would sleep between us sometimes......he was like my family too. I actually get close to tears when I pet kitties and I think of Demus. Jose knows I love him and he knows I would take good care of him, I would actually go over there and spend time with him, his friend will probly just feed him and leave. I asked before if I could baby-sit the kitty while he was away and he said that was ok.

I hate this shit, now I feel like Jose does not even want me in his life at all.....last night he even said that he might not ever want to be friends with me ever again. I don't know what I did.....I'm very nice to him and I love him and I always try to help him. I really feel pushed away now, before he was all about hanging out with me and talking to me on the phone.

I guess I'm not important to him right now.....

I kind of feel like a person who is only allowed to see their family on visitation rights one a week or something. I understand that he needs time away from me, but then he should have said that in the beginning instead of acting like he wanted me around all the time still.

I just don't get it. . . . . . .*sigh*

Well at least Jeffy and Sara love me.
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