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My cup runneth over....

Tonight is bellydancing night, I can't wait to start grooven w/ my hips *does the bump* ooooohhh yeah. Now Sara and I are officially "Hipsters" muaaahaha.

I am so grateful for the art of dance, for music and for friends. Lately when I have been in my darkest of moods, many of my friends have been there to help me up and it had helped me to talk to others who have similar problems and try to help them too. Though I don't wish these problems for anyone, I find it reassuring to know I am not alone. My spirit is still so strong and I feel the more I get into doing my art and keeping my body and mind moving, the more stable I feel.

My boss is not here today, so I chill with my computer....

I took the bus today because I want to save my gas for Thanksgiving, when I will be doing alot of driving around. I have to go to my grandmas in St. Francis and then maybe to my moms in Caledonia. My mom is considering buying a house in Oak Creek or Eagle WI. I hope it's not Eagle, because then I will never see her, there's no way I am driving all the way up there with my shitty gas milage, Lincolns were not made to go long distances, nor were they made to go fast, they only go up to 80 MPH. There all about LOOKING good and driving around the nice parts of town. Luxury vehicle, that's what I have. I wish I had more luxury vehicles. I was thinking about getting one from Jeffy, but I don't have insurance. I CAN get around that though, IF I play my cards right. I have never had insurance, the only reason I was able to buy my car is because I went to the dealership, picked out the car I liked the most, test drove it, gave the dealer a PHAT ass check for Lincoln paid in full and took him home that day. Fast and bullshit, that's what I wanted and back then I had the money to do it.

I want to keep Lincoln still though, even if I buy a new car. I was thinking that since he will be a "Collector" soon (2005) I could register him as a collector car and get the blue plates, to do that you are required to have another vehicle registered under your name because you can't drive collectors in the winter. You don't have to take those cars to emissions either. The only reason Lincoln can be considered a collector is because he will be in existance for 20 years in 2005. It's nothing really glamorous or anything, it just means your car is old and it's amazing that it's still around.

One way I could buy a new car is to get a loan for it, which I can do no problem because of my awesome credit. I could pay for it with my credit card with the highest credit limit or I could have someone co-sign for me. I have good options and I think the best one would be to go with the loan thing. Once I am moved out I will start thinking of buying a newer car, one that's at least form the 90's. At least everything will be legal on it then. Apparently, my seat belts in the back seats are "Illegal" because they are only lap-belts. I guess they were'nt thinking about that in 1985 huh?

tee hee.... Zoom ZOOM....
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