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On dancer.....

Last night was bellydancing with Sara, I had a good time at class, I had a "Private Lesson" from one of the instructors..heh heh, she was my private dancer...tee hee...

I have been talking to this lady on friendster who is also a bellydancer, she's a teacher and her classes are about the same price as my classes but she has a way bigger place to practice and she even teaches african dance and another type, but I forgot what it was now. I am going to go to her Sunday class this week to meet her and to borrow some tapes from her too. She actually knows my current teacher and apparently, they are not on good terms. The teachers name is Isa and she teaches four classes a week and she has these fire dancers come in too and demonstrate their moves for us. I can't wait to see this, I'm really excited about it. She is going to perform this summer at Summerfest and the Asian Moon festival, I have never been to the asian moon festival but now I am just dying to go. Someone has to go with me this summer to that festival, or ELSE!

I hope I don't spend $70 at summerfest in 2004 like I did this year. And then I bought more shit at the ren. fair. I gotta stop letting these festival tempt me so. Oh but it's so precious, the jewelry that you find.


I'm a SUCKER for jewelry and dresses and such. The snazzy shit.

Tomarrow is thanksgiving and I wish you all a happy, full and fat one!!

Ya'll know I don't have a computer at home, so I probly won't post for a few days unless I go by Jeffy's or Sara and Pat's house.

So call me.

If you don't, I will put you in a jar and PICKLE you!!
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