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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
So it's done....

Today I finally give my portrait away to MIAD's permanent collection, I carried it all the way from my car, over the river and into the school, it was quite a cold trip :). I will be sad to see my portrait go, but I feel accomplished to have given something of mine to my main artistic influence. Now if they sell it, they can take all the money and use it to go towards the school, I hope they use it well. I also found that for donations, I get a taxes back on it, I forgot all about the legal stuff, I was'nt even thinking about that. When the lady told me I was like "Well, I was'nt thinking about GETTING any money for it, it's a donation", but they HAVE to give me something because they have to be legal about it.

SO my first important thing is done, now I call UWM today and register for spring classes.

Tonight I will probaly go to Chi-Chi's unless everybody wants to do somethng else. I know Sara has class tonight and I hope she and Pat will still come.

So there. I donw now :)

Emotion: accomplishedaccomplished

oh my god you gotta take a Tuesday night class with me...if it fits your schedule...

LEC 303 77396<-----class number
TOPIC: Feminism, Pornography, and the Ethnic Experience
CLASS AFFIL: Women's Studies, Related Courses 1/26-5/15 T 4:30pm-7:10pm BOL B46 Hooijer,Katinka C

it's gonna be a fun as hell class!!!

It's awesome that you donated your portrait to MIAD, that must've been kind of hard to do. I hate letting my stuff go, even if I make it for presents and such.

Hurray for Chrystal!!

I wish I could, but I am only part time, I meet with my advisor Dec. 15th and I will bring up your class and see if I can take it.

I took that class with Katinka a few years ago...

hey can I come to Chi-Chi's night too?

Sure, you can come to Chi-Chi's, we usually get there at 7, but you can come to Jeffy's earlier if you can because I will get there at like four thirty.

Just give us a call on Jeffy's cell (You can give him a text message through LJ if you want too).

Or you can call his home number if you have it.

I'd more likely get there by 7ish. I have to finish up one paper, that was due today...ah the joys of calling in sick to school. c'est la vie!


Alas, I decided to hibernate after class tonight, just not in the mood... Hmmmm, you planning on club Saturday? Some of my friends are going to Mantra Lounge that night, and I'm probably going there.

Re: Sigh

Well, I actually am interested in going to Mantra lounge, but I don't wanna pay five bucks to get in, if it's cheaper than I'll go :).

I really want to go to that club though :)......

maybe I will...I'll see. We stayed really late at Chi-Chi's tonight!! right now I'm at Dave's house...you know....Katie's old Dave?? yeah, we're chillin' like villins over here!!!

Jeffy's really drunk now...heh heh....

Re: Sigh

wow... dave... if thats my dave, say hi for me.

Re: Sigh

I'll pay for ya beatch... club is 3 bucks, it's only 2 dollars more! Anyway, yeah Kelly's friend is dj'n there that night... so my friends Kelly, Xian, Kelly (Griffin), Micheal, and Abigail (and probably Ami) will be there at the least. I'll call ya Saturday.

Missed ya last night, but we needed to be alone, it twas good.