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I am VERY spent on computers today, I have been on this bitch ALL day perfecting my profile on MySpace. Damn my hardcore profile addiction. I LOVE doing profiles, I have three sites now where I have to have a profile. So far, Myspace takes the cake way over Friendsters slowness and Purerave's sketchyness. What I really like about Myspace is that they let you write as many interests as you want, as many movies, music, etc. It was quite impressive and easy to use, very nice layout. I also liked how you can just add anyone you want, and they don't ask you to type their full name in or anything.

Oh man am I ever tired today.....I went to bed last night real late after getting home from Dave's house, we went there after margarita's. I got to ride in Tina's car....yeay! all I gotta say is LOTS of leopard print! Carrie Rush would love her car :). I had a really good time at Dave's house, his apartment is very cozy and his computer is so damn fast that even Frienster was'nt slow for once! Both me and Michelle were playing on his computer :). Jeffy got pretty loaded and so did Michelle by the end of the night. Jeffy feel asleep on Tina's boob, that was cute.

I hope I get to sleep on Tina'a boob one day!

We watched some interesting TV last night about face lift horrors...remind me NEVER to get a face lift, I'll take wrinkles over looking like Jabba the hut, all bubbly and red and disgusting.

Tonight I AM going to club imma drive my silly ass down there and dance with you poops. POOPS I say.

Yeah, ok, maybe I should take a little nappy nap before I go.

Last night after I got home, I saw that Carrie had all her stuff already moved out, so she's gone now and I have the whole place to myself. She tried to steal my little cream cheese tubs I had in the fridge!! I was like "Hey! those are mine..." and I took them out of the box and put them back. My mom gave those to me at Thanksgiving. Dammit. Don't be hatin' on my creemcheese 'yo?!

Where is the love??

Anyway, I hope tp move the hell out of my place soon, and I am still on the prowl in Shorewood to find something if I don't go back to that place on Humboldt.
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