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Chrystal A. Kaminski

Everything is real...real eyes realize real lies..

Chrystal Ann Kaminski
12 July 1981
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I am a person of extreme passion. I am a painter, a photographer and a dancer. I love to sing and I play a few instruments. I love people and living, I am dedicated, devoted and true. I love to rave and I love dance clubs. I love to laugh and be silly, I love cute things and round things. I love anything that sparkles, I like lasers, lights and color. I like to research, I love gaining knowledge. Intimacy is sacred to me. I find solace in the company of those I keep close. I like advancement, development and urbanization. I feel happy in the big city, I love clubs and parties and artist social functions. I like the art museum. I love to ride my bike and take walks. I love running my fingers through hair. I like to help people realize that they always have something to live for even when they feel that the world doesn't need them. I love reading and rare medical conditions, the general study of medicine. I see through things quickly. I take nothing for granted. I love the feeling of being in water, I love the ocean and large lakes and the sea. I love to travel, to fly in planes and to look down at the clouds. I enjoy warmth, tropical weather is a weakness for me. I want to move out of state, I want to be known as an artist and I want to be happy. Most of all I just want to be happy with my family and to feel alive.

"I wish I had a magic cape. I'd fly around and feed all the little hungry kids. i'd hug them and let them know they can make a difference, that someone loves them and they can fight their way out of the bullshit. i'd gather up the adults and feed them, clothe them, teach them a trade, make them a job. i'd take away all the guns and put bread in their places. bread and books and flowers and fruit trees."

-Annjeanine Kathryn Boerger 2006

Me with a portrait I painted of an old friend...

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I am everwhere ..I am hiding in other places on the web:

My Space



LastFM (Audioscrobbler)


For a good cause

Support Dancesafe

I like to party Outlawed style

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Also, I am affiliated with and in full support of the Better Breakbeat Bureau in Milwaukee, WI.

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Get Songbird

There you have it, this is me.


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First and last family photo with Anniliese

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Goodbye baby...mommy and daddy miss you so.
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